group of companies
SYNERGY is a Ukrainian group of companies that unites enterprises in the field of engineering construction, building design and maintenance. From the beginning, we have identified energy efficiency activities as the priority of enterprise development.

In our work we combine the 20-year experience of the company and the efforts of the best specialists in the field of engineering construction and management. Our goal is to create integrated energy efficient systems in the interests of the Customer.

Since 2000, we have been participating in the implementation of international projects on energy efficiency in Ukraine; in recent years, our company's experts have also transmitted their experience through consulting projects.
OUR MISSION - construction and modernization of engineering infrastructure, through the implementation of effective solutions to improve living standards in Ukraine and energy saving.
Consulting and technical services
We develop strategies, programs and concepts of energy systems development in cities, a feasibility study of projects, conduct energy audits, verification of the results of modernization.

Our experts participate in the development of Ukrainian legislation and implementation of European legislation in Ukraine.
Engineering design
Performance of all chapters of the project documentation regarding internal and external engineering systems for buildings and constructions of various purpose and complexity. Expertise of the project documentation.

We designe the following systems:
  • Energy sources (boilers, heating pumps, electrical station)
  • Heating system, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Water supply, sewage (canalization)
  • Electric lighting, electrical equipment
  • Automation
  • Low current systems
Construction and project management
We carry out projects in the field of municipal energy using modern technologies, supplying to our customers with comprehensive process management solutions, including coordination the actions of the process participants at all stages from design to equipment and service setup. We work with global manufacturers of equipment and technology.

We carry of out the whole complex of construction and installation works, putting into operation and further maintenance of engineering systems objects of any complexity level: residential buildings, industrial objects, urban infrastructure objects, commercial real estate, etc.
Monitoring of energy consumption
Our system of automatic data acquisition and processing of energy consumption allows the customer to check energy consumption online. The system allows to use benchmarking for buildings of customer. It is an important element of the verification system of energy-efficient modernization results.

Our services:
Introduction, installation and maintenance of smart metering energy system "Synergydata" at the customer's facilities.
Energy Service
Implementation of the energy service contracts - the new tool for Ukraine to attract financing for energy-efficient modernization.

We perform consulting service for authorities and business about mechanism of energy service agreements, preparation of the procurement, implementation of energy service contracts. Our experts are participating in drafting of Ukrainian laws (bills) regarding attraction of investments to sphere of energy service contracts.
BioEnergy Solutions

Our specialists are actively involved in the development of biofuel energy projects in Ukraine, such as the construction of biofuel boilers, TPP.

Feasibility study, selection and delivery of equipment, design, construction and commissioning of facilities. We integrate Ukrainian practice and the best European engineering experience to get the optimal result.
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Naberezhna srt., 7, Vyshgorod, Kyiv region, 07300, Ukraine